Aug. 08

O projektu

My name is Bostjan Skrlj and my dream is to travel the world, crisscrossing as many countries as possible on my bike, a BMW GS 1200 Adventure. In August 2008 I left my home in Slovenia and set out on this journey. With no timeline, traveling overland on new and ancient roads, my trail unfolds daily without a “master plan” - constantly opening me up to many new experiences and discoveries. In order to support myself, I am becoming a “Jack-of-all-Trades”, relying on my versatility and openness to work as hard as necessary along the way. Through this process I have gained new skills, fluency in several languages and established long lasting friendships. When the time is right I move on. The ride, the people, the land and the amazing things that happen when we put ourselves out there without fear, without hesitation, living in the moment, is re-shaping who I am. It is testing the endurance of both me and my bike.

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Impresiven projekt ! Čestitam. Na Obali (Koper) je danes jasno in mrzlo, težko čakamo toplo vreme, da se zapeljemo z motorji. Srečno !!
14 Feb. 09
Darij Šomen