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O projektu

My name is Bostjan Skrlj and my dream is to travel the world, crisscrossing as many countries as possible on my bike, a BMW GS 1200 Adventure. In August 2008 I left my home in Slovenia and set out on this journey. With no timeline, traveling overland on new and ancient roads, my trail unfolds daily without a “master plan” - constantly opening me up to many new experiences and discoveries. In order to support myself, I am becoming a “Jack-of-all-Trades”, relying on my versatility and openness to work as hard as necessary along the way. Through this process I have gained new skills, fluency in several languages and established long lasting friendships. When the time is right I move on. The ride, the people, the land and the amazing things that happen when we put ourselves out there without fear, without hesitation, living in the moment, is re-shaping who I am. It is testing the endurance of both me and my bike.

Someday I hope to return home to Slovenia and attempt to motivate  a new generation to set out on their own journeys, chase their own goals, be they crazy or not, ultimately experiencing lives that are shaped by dreams.  I want to share my belief that anything is possible if you go for it. 


With the help of sponsors and countless people I have met and will meet along the road the journey unfolds.  Please visit my sponsorship page (website is under construction) to view the sponsors who are currently assisting me with technical and mechanical support. To fund this journey I have and will continue to rely only on myself and the employment income I gain along the way.  And although I am not actively seeking support I will gratefully accept it if it offered to me through my interactions with people and organizations along my route.


The entire ride will be documented by photo and video-camera, and shared on this website.  As often as possible I will also share with Slovenian and foreign media my on-going progress.  

The images I “capture”, of nature, cultural events and the people that inhabit them will be available on my website. Everything will be seen via Tracker, enabled by the sponsor CVS MOBILE at www.aroundtheworld.si.  This site is produced and edited by EDITOR Web Communications. Finally, when this trip is complete a photo documentary of my travels and encounters will be available to like minded dreamers and travelers.





!!!!!!!website is under construction!!!!!!

 - and who fund my project -


any work - along the way





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 MG 1924


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