Mar. 13

Winter ride to the north of Alaska

to Prudhoe Bay - Deadhorse

No electric heating clothes !!!!!!
The lowest temperature -35.9ºC -32.62F
The lowest Wind Chill -64ºC 83.2F spid 100km/h 
Without flat tires...
Without falls...
Some damaged on suspensions..
Low temperatures destroy both cameras...
End i have so much fun !!!!! :)

IMG 0871 

Bye bye Yukon and welcome to Alaska :)  road between two Border was a disaster...  if no one takes care of it...
Million deep holes covered with black ice, very easy to turn shine side down :) But studs have done their work !!!!

IMG 0878

After a long ride first stop in Tok...camping overnight at -29.8ºC -21.64F 

IMG 0882

I had to be careful about Caribo and moose ...I have met a lot of them

IMG 0883

The roads were covered with ice and snow as I expected...

 MG 0896


IMG 0887

 MG 0889

 MG 0917

My friend Bob and Sharon Peek  gave me a place to stay and place where i can work on my bike in Wasilla 


Oil change for low temperature

IMG 0921

0W-40 this oil is still liquid at -50 ºC -58F and engine start much easier


something for show :)


Screwing some extra studs for better traction...


and Jack is ready to go

IMG 0924

is very nice to know someone who can help and support you... 


the last check... Please note I do not use any heated clothing.


And here we go !!!!!


Prudhoe here we come !!!!!!

IMG 0928

Wasilla - Fairbanks 

IMG 0925

 MG 0948

I always try to find power to plug in my bike when camping

IMG 0952

Beginning of Dalton Highway. Alaska State Troopers followed me for awhile to see if I was able to handle icy roads

IMG 0954

very nice road for begin

IMG 0984

The road are continually changing in surface texture. Had to be aware and focused at all times.
No mistakes allowed.

IMG 0970

Arctic Circle... 310 mils to Prudhoe

 MG 0940

Unwinding after a days travel  with very interesting book  from my friend (Miran Juvančič)   
-27ºC  -16.6F

 MG 0977

Cold foot in the morning, found front leaking shock

IMG 1184

One of the important features on GS adventure is big tank... 240 miles not a big deal...

IMG 0983   Version 2

Coldfoot to Deadhorse

IMG 1072

From this point on the road is sprayed  to make it smother for trucks

IMG 0991   Version 2

We're have left the boreal forest and moving up across the tundra

IMG 0993   Version 2

The nature is amazing so quite and beautiful cant explain with any words

IMG 1002   Version 2

The temperature is getting colder and road is a little rougher

IMG 1012

Slowly making progress further north.

IMG 1015

In February the days are still very short in the arctic

IMG 1014

Everything that is electric is starting to shutdown, indicator on dashboard, GPS, temperature sensor.
Extremely cold, imagine what the windchill was. Thank goodness I had a better helmet this trip

IMG 0921   Version 2

Finally Deadhorse -31*

IMG 0977

Low temperature  makes everything very fragile, and we can lose some piece of equipment very easy
this is just the beginning 

IMG 0930

The life of working in Prudhoe, everything is plugged in and left running al night long.

IMG 0928 2

a lot of wind covers trucks

IMG 0934   Version 2

IMG 0938   Version 2

Trucks are running 24/7

IMG 0945   Version 2

IMG 0947

IMG 0932

Drilling Rig Base

IMG 0949   Version 2

Heating up machines to get them to run.

IMG 0955   Version 2

During a short walk, everything freezes

IMG 0964

I prepared my bike for this expedition, I'm going to write a separate report on what I did to make this ride 
a sucess

IMG 0960

My bike has more then 10,000Km on extreme conditions and I expected this to happen. The shock has
more then 90,000 since the beginning of my trip. 
In the beginning I was traveling with one other person and we carried a lot more luggage. On very rough
roads. The Ohlins did a great job for me , no complaints

IMG 0959

This much oil dropped on the ground in Prudhoe  could get a fine and a ticket, I found this out later.
I'm at the halfway point on this trip and only have part of my suspension working. Have to be very 
careful going back

IMG 0982

Because your are not able to camp in Deadhorse I had to use the hotel, but the price was not out of line
Because they gave you the meals at no additional cost. You can eat like a pig. HaHa

 IMG 0987

Bike started without any problem, thanks to good planning

IMG 0985

General store in Deadhorse Alaska inside the have a wall of heros (pictures of people who have
driven motorcycles up here) But not that many in winter.
This is as far as a person is able to go on the North Slope of Alaska. The rest of the area is private property
and leased by the oil companies.

IMG 0993

Cross wind 35-40 Mph the way back. 

IMG 0994

The weather looks a lot better a little further down the road.

IMG 1017

Me and my best friend

IMG 1032   Version 2

Pump Station three, moving the oil down to Valdez Alaska.

IMG 1039

Complete solitude

IMG 1026

Oil worker stopped to take picture I had him take one of me. Everyone said I'm crazy.

IMG 1046

IMG 1044   Version 2

taking  photo and video is almost impossible...low temperatures discharge the batterys very quickly 

IMG 1056

Atagin Pass 

IMG 1125

Coldfoot again along with northern lights

IMG 1152

IMG 1127

IMG 1160

IMG 1129

Even though my most important camera broke down I was able to get some great shots

IMG 1065

IMG 1195   Version 2

For the last time Arctic Circle in North America

IMG 1198

Weather change road covered with snow making the ride a little more challanging

IMG 1204

IMG 1206

IMG 1305

Great people I met in Fairbanks Alaska  Thanks Guys!!

Back From Deadhorse

Day seven back in Wasilla
But the ice journey is not finished yet...

My next few posting will be about preparations for bike and gear and clothing...

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